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I think the Superduckie is spectacular. In a side-by-side comparison well, there is no comparison. Are you taking the needle size down a size for the webbing?

I have to hand it to you -- you've done it again.

Have you thought about doing a book?


Forgot to answer your questions.

1. I don't mind paying $5 or $6 for a pattern -- but I like for it to be downloadable. I don't like waiting for the mail. (I'm certain I'm unique, though. YOU'VE never heard of an impatient knitter before, have you?)

2. I would definitely pay $20. I don't think $25 is too much. It includes the pattern and all those yarns. And you have to take into consideration your overhead...webhosting fees, fees for paypal or whatever, etc.. And your time, which is not a small investment. I'm a full-Jen fan.


Superducky is so worth the fuss. What a great idea.


The hat and booties are adorable! And I like the Superducky feet too. $5 or $6 is reasonable for the price of this pattern. And so are kits priced at $20 - $25.


I *told* you the fuss was worth it!


I'd put both bootie instructions into the pattern (some like easy booties) and I'd buy the pattern, not the kit. But then, I don't usually purchase kits of anything.n I have such a big stash.....


I think the Superducky bootie is fantastic! Personally I think the result is worth the extra effort.

I would probably pay about $5 for a pattern; $15-20 for a kit doesn't sound bad either.

....and I can't believe I'm already working on one of your patterns without realizing it! :D Thanks for your comments on the bunny hat pattern... I had no idea it was yours. I am nearly done with making one myself so that I will understand the pattern to explain to my friend. I'm glad to know the reverse stockinette headband was actually an error because that's the part that was making the last sense to me. :) It's going quite well - I've just got to make one more tie, sew the inner and outer ear pieces together, attach them to the hat and sew on the face. Now that I understand how it works out I will definitely keep it in mind for future baby project needs. :D


I love the webbed foot. It's worth it.


Absolutely, the webbed foot. That's the kind of detail that makes a pattern worth the price. I am always so @%#^& impressed with your work. Sheesh.

These days, people get impatient waiting for anything. If you can find a way to make patterns downloadable, go with it. This also avoids packing/shipping fees, etc, and though there is a cost involved in hosting, most likely your hosting space would not have to be very large, at least at first.

I would go as high as $25 for the kit, but then I am Mr. Spendy when I want something. At $20 it will, in my guess, fly off the shelf. $15 is too little for something this good.

You rock.


I'm not usually into kits but that price doesn't seem unreasonable to me. I would be willingly to pay $5-6 for a pattern. I would also include both bootie instructions to give a variety. Love your stuff & can't wait!


Joining the crowd: Super-ducky is definitely worth the fuss. But put both versions in the pattern, because some people need a simple version to give them courage. Also because if Super-Ducky is done on unusually small needles, the other can be done on regular, and some people can't or won't use smaller sizes or won't buy another set of needles just for a pair of booties.


I'd pay $5.00 for a pattern. I'm not much into kits. This would be a good pattern to use up small bits of stash yarn. There is a similar pattern for duck bootees in a book I have - I can't remember who did it right now, but it has 50 designs for baby bootees and a duck foot one is included. I like the simpler duck bootees better, but they look almost like the ones in the book. Maybe you should go with the patterned one in order to be different. I like printed patterns with very good clear instructions and photos. I really hate it when I buy a pattern that has lousy directions.


Love the hat and booties! I would totally pay $5 for the pattern, and I think the kit prices you suggest sound more than reasonable. As for which booties to go with, I think the webbed foot looks better. Is it harder than the colorwork? If so, you could include the plain one as an option for the "less experienced knitter" in the pattern. But if it's no harder than the colorwork, I'd say just go with the webbed foot option.


Wow! That is TOO cute! Just stumbled upon your blog from the knit ring....what a cute little ducky welcome!


The book with duck booties in it is by Zoe Mellor - 50 Baby Booties to Knit. Her design is, in fact, very similar to yours, and so I would be more than a bit worried about copyright issues. Having said that, I absolutely love the hat!


Love the superducky! My 1 year old would be adorable in it! As for the money - I'd give 5 for the pattern. Might would do the kit or not, as I often like to change colors, although I like the colors done with this pattern. :)

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