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What a great creation. The yarns worked out perfectly and I love the sleeve detail. Very cute:)


OMG!! The cutest sweater EVER!


That is adorable!

Bonne Marie

WOW! Jen, that is both Fabulous AND Adorable! What beautiful work you've wrought—I curtsy low to your mad skillz...

Rachel H

That turned out beautifully!


Stunning! Simply incredible. :)


What a great sweater. Well done!


Jen - Sara S. sent me over here to check out your blog, and I'm absolutely blown away by this sweater. It's gorgeous! I'm totally blown away, and I'm looking for a pattern if you ever put one together - this is one of my daughter's favorite books!


I have admired your Caterpillar cardigan on Ravelry since it got mentioned in a 'your favourite Ravelry FOs ever' thread and I think it is totally genius.

I love love love love love it xxx

I also love your knitted veg and agree that the science of sleep is a wonderful film.

Nice to have found your blog; it is a lovely read.

Lynn in Tucson

That is so perfectly beautiful it hurts! The green is just perfect.... NICE job!

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